Cricket holds a revered status as a quasi-religion in India, capturing the hearts of nearly all its citizens who exhibit an unparalleled passion for the sport. As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s take a moment to spotlight the standout performers of the year. Stay tuned to & for timely updates on all things sports.

1. Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli, a prominent batsman for India, has consistently contributed to the team’s success. Despite experiencing a prolonged period of off-form, he orchestrated a remarkable turnaround during the CWC 2023. Kohli achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first player to amass 50 ODI centuries, amassing an impressive total of 765 runs in the tournament.

In the Test format, Kohli displayed his prowess by scoring 557 runs in seven matches, maintaining an average of 55.70. His performances included two centuries and a half-century in 10 innings, with a top score of 186. In ODIs, he continued to shine, tallying 1,377 runs in 27 matches at an average of 72.47 and a strike rate of 99.13. Kohli’s ODI innings featured six centuries and eight fifties in just 24 innings, with a best score of 166.

Across all international formats this year, Kohli amassed 1,934 runs in 34 innings, averaging 66.68. His remarkable record included eight centuries and nine fifties. Beyond the current year, it’s noteworthy to mention Kohli’s unique achievement as the only bowler to take a wicket on the ‘zeroth’ delivery of his T20I career. This historic feat occurred in 2011 when he dismissed England’s Kevin Pietersen with a wide delivery.

2. Shubman Gill: Shubman Gill, an emerging talent in Indian cricket, earned the moniker “Prince of Indian Cricket” following his stellar performance in CWC 2023. In the Test format this year, Gill showcased his prowess by accumulating 230 runs in five matches at an average of 32.85, which included a century, with a highest score of 128.

In One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Gill demonstrated his consistency, amassing 1,584 runs in 29 matches with five centuries and nine fifties. His impressive average of 63.36 and a strike rate exceeding 105 highlighted his impactful contributions. Gill’s highest ODI score in 2023 was an impressive 208.

Turning to T20 Internationals, Gill’s 2023 performance was nothing short of spectacular. In 13 innings, he scored 312 runs at an average of 26.00, featuring a century and a fifty, with his best score being an unbeaten 126. Across all international formats this year, Gill accumulated 2,126 runs in 47 games at an average of 48.31, boasting seven centuries and 10 fifties.

Beyond international cricket, Gill’s prowess extended to the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he represented the Gujarat Titans. He secured the “Player of the Tournament” title, amassing 890 runs in 17 innings at an impressive average of 59.33. His IPL campaign included three centuries and four fifties, earning him the coveted “Orange Cup” for the season.

3. Travis Head (Australia): Travis Head dashed our hopes of securing a third World Cup victory, but his exceptional performance demands admiration from passionate sports enthusiasts. In the realm of Test cricket, Head participated in 11 matches this year, accumulating 902 runs at an impressive average of 45.10. Displaying a remarkable strike rate of over 76, he notched up five fifties and a century in 21 innings, with his highest score reaching 163.

Transitioning to One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Head showcased his batting prowess by amassing 570 runs in 13 matches this season. His striking average of 51.81, coupled with a formidable strike rate exceeding 133, underscored his impactful contributions. Across 13 innings, Head recorded two centuries and three fifties, achieving a career-best score of 137.

In the T20 International format, Head maintained an impressive strike rate of over 174. He scored 209 runs at an average of 34.83, with a notable half-century marked by a score of 91 in a single innings.

Cumulatively, across all international formats this year, Head tallied 1,681 runs in 30 matches, boasting an average of 45.43 and a striking rate exceeding 97. His noteworthy performance included three centuries and nine fifties, with a personal best of 163.

4. Rohit Sharma: Rohit Sharma, despite earnest efforts, found himself facing disappointment as he led the team to the finals of CWC 2023 only to fall short of clinching the title. In the realm of One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Sharma’s performances were commendable, with 1,255 runs in 27 matches this year. His stellar average of 52.29 and an impressive strike rate exceeding 117 underscored his impactful contributions, featuring two centuries and nine half-centuries.

Expanding the scope to all international formats, Sharma participated in a total of 34 matches this year, accumulating 1,795 runs at an average of 51.28. In these 37 innings, he notched up four centuries and 11 fifties, with a personal best score of 131. Despite the team falling short of its ultimate goal, Sharma’s individual contributions remained noteworthy throughout the year.

5. Aiden Markram (South Africa): Aiden Markram, a standout batsman in South Africa, has been making waves in the cricket world. In the Test format this year, Markram showcased his prowess in two matches, amassing 276 runs at an impressive average of 69.00, which included a century and a half-century. His highest score in Tests this year was 115.

Turning to One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Markram’s performance remained stellar as he accumulated 1,033 runs in 24 matches this year. With an average of 51.55 and a striking rate exceeding 113, he notched up three centuries and five fifties. Notably, in CWC 2023, he initially held the record for the fastest century in the tournament until Glenn Maxwell surpassed it with a 40-ball century against the Netherlands.

In the T20 International format, Markram played 8 matches this year, scoring 239 runs at an average of 39.83 and a strike rate surpassing 162. His best T20I score in 2023 was 49.

Across all international formats, Markram participated in 34 matches this year, accumulating 1,548 runs at an average of 51.60. His impressive record included four centuries and six fifties in 36 innings. Markram’s consistent and impactful performances have solidified his reputation as a key player for South Africa.

6. Usman Khawaja (Australia): Usman Khawaja has earned the designation of “Test specialist” and played a pivotal role in securing victory for the Australian team in CWC 2023. Across 12 Test matches this year, Khawaja showcased his prowess by accumulating 1,168 runs at an impressive average of 55.61. His impactful performances included three centuries and six half-centuries, with an unbeaten 195 being his highest score.

7. Daryl Mitchell (New Zealand): The absence of Kane Williamson provided a significant platform for Daryl Mitchell to showcase his talent prominently. In the Test format, Mitchell played 7 matches this year, amassing 469 runs at an average of 42.63. His notable contributions included a century and four half-centuries in 13 innings, with a highest score of 102.

Shifting to One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Mitchell demonstrated his prowess with the bat in 26 matches this year, accumulating 1,204 runs at an impressive average of 52.34. This included five centuries and three half-centuries in 25 innings, with a best score of 134. In the T20 International format, Mitchell scored 283 runs in 15 matches at an average of 21.76, featuring two half-centuries.

Mitchell’s all-around abilities were on display in T20Is, contributing 1,069 runs in 56 matches at an average of 24.86. Notably, he also claimed eight wickets. Moreover, Mitchell showcased his versatility by bagging 11 wickets for the team in various formats throughout the year.

In the WC 2023, Daryl Mitchell emerged as New Zealand’s second-most successful batter, tallying 552 runs in 10 matches. His exceptional performance included two centuries and two half-centuries at an impressive average of 69.00.

8. Mitchell Marsh (Australia): Mitchell Marsh’s explosive performance in CWC 2023 has catapulted him into the spotlight, making him the “Most expensive player of IPL,” with KKR acquiring him for Rs 24.75 crore. The reverberations of his impactful displays are still resonating throughout the cricket world.

In Test cricket this year, Marsh showcased his batting prowess in four matches, accumulating 403 runs at an impressive average of 67.16 and a strike rate exceeding 73. His notable contributions included a century and three half-centuries in eight innings, with a highest score of 118.

Transitioning to One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Marsh continued his stellar form, scoring 858 runs in 20 matches this year at an average of 47.66. His remarkable performances featured two centuries and five fifties, with an unbeaten 177 as his highest score.

In the T20 International format, Marsh displayed his prowess with the bat, scoring 186 runs at an astonishing average of 186.00. His T20I innings included two half-centuries, with an unbeaten 92 being his best score.

Across all international formats in 2023, Marsh participated in 27 matches, accumulating 1,447 runs at an impressive average of 57.88. His impactful performances comprised three centuries and 10 half-centuries in 31 innings, with an unbeaten 177 as his highest score. Additionally, Marsh showcased his all-around capabilities by securing six wickets for his team.

9. Ravindra Jadeja: Ravindra Jadeja, a prominent figure in Team India and a versatile all-rounder, has emerged as the leading wicket-taker with an impressive tally of 66 international wickets in just 35 matches, marking the highest count this year. Notably, these 66 wickets spanned across 33 Test matches, 31 ODIs, and two T20Is.

In terms of batting, Jadeja contributed 613 runs at an average of 30.65, featuring two half-centuries across different formats. His substantial success, particularly in Test cricket, is evident as he scored 281 runs in seven Tests, with a best score of 70.

Jadeja’s stellar performances extended to the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he played a pivotal role in Chennai Super Kings’ fifth title triumph. Ending the tournament with 190 valuable runs in 12 innings and 20 wickets, Jadeja played a crucial part in CSK’s victorious campaign, showcasing his all-around brilliance.

10. Kuldeep Yadav: Kuldeep Yadav, a prized spinner for Team India, concludes the year with an impressive tally of 63 wickets in 39 matches. Of these, 49 wickets were claimed in ODIs, while the remaining 14 came in T20Is, showcasing his exceptional bowling skills. His best bowling figures for the year stand at 5/17.

11. Mitchell Starc (Australia): Mitchell Starc, a key figure in the Australian cricket team, concludes the year with an impressive total of 59 wickets in 22 matches. This includes 34 wickets in Test matches and 25 in ODIs, with his best bowling performance recorded at 5/33. Notably, Starc stood out as the leading wicket-taker in The Ashes, securing 23 wickets. Additionally, he played a crucial role with four wickets in the WTC final and contributed 16 wickets to Australia’s campaign in CWC 2023.

12. Gerald Coetzee (South Africa): Gerald Coetzee had an exceptional debut year, making his presence felt in all cricket formats. Across 20 matches in his inaugural year, he impressively secured a total of 46 wickets, with his best bowling figures standing at 4/44. Coetzee showcased his versatility by claiming nine wickets in Test matches, 31 in ODIs, and six in T20Is, marking a remarkable start to his international cricket career.

13. Mohammed Shami: Mohammed Shami’s outstanding performance has prompted the belief that his statistics need no further validation. His talent is widely praised globally, making him a stalwart for Team India. Notably, Shami delivered an exceptional showing in CWC 2023, claiming an impressive 24 wickets and leading the wicket-taking charts in just seven matches. His remarkable feat included a best bowling performance of 7/57.

As the year concludes, Shami’s overall contribution stands at 56 wickets in 23 international matches, with the aforementioned best figures of 7/57. Of these wickets, 13 were secured in Test cricket. Shami’s deserved success extended to the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he earned the coveted “Purple Cap” for his outstanding bowling performances in the tournament.

14. Pat Cummins (Australia): Pat Cummins, a pivotal member of the Australian cricket team, played a crucial role in securing the CWC 2023 title. His batting contributions this year amounted to 393 runs in 26 innings, with an average of 21.83.

As the year concludes, Cummins boasts an impressive total of 49 wickets in 23 matches, featuring his best bowling figures of 6/91. Notably, he excelled with the ball, claiming 32 wickets in Test matches and an additional 17 wickets in ODIs.

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The year 2023 has left an indelible mark on cricket enthusiasts worldwide, offering memorable moments and showcasing exceptional talents. Stay connected with & for continued updates on such highlights and more.