Olympic Games have increasingly become a part of people’s everyday lives. It is critical to say that these games are quite tough to play and are highly competitive. Individuals put much effort and commitment to make these games a success.

People from every corner of the world come to participate and enjoy this global sports fest. Billions of people cheer for them to win and bring the victory medal back home.

As of now, the USA has the maximum number of medals in the Olympics throughout the years. Then comes China, Brazil and others.

Most of us don’t realize that it takes the practice of a lifetime to perfect one move. Athletes invest a lot of effort and skills to learn a technique. Hence, for such talents, the athletes must be admired and authenticated.

They must be respected way more than any other entertainers, for the work put in a lot of hard work and are always underappreciated.

In this article, we have the top 8 most popular Olympic sports.


Olympic weightlifting is a sporty discipline in the modern Olympic program in which the athlete attempts a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.

Weightlifting is one of the most cherished games out there in the Olympics. Each weightlifter receives three attempts each. The overall total of the highest two successful lifts determines the outcomes within a bodyweight category. Bodyweight categories are different for female and male competitors.


Tennis was first challenged as a Summer Olympic sport in the 1896 Olympic Games, held in Athens. In the initial Olympic Games, only two tournaments were played namely men’s singles and men’s doubles.

This was not something big back then but women were allowed to start to compete in singles and mixed doubles tennis events at the Olympic Games in 1900.

Tennis has turned out to be a bigger deal at the Olympics in recent years as all the tennis superstars get involved in competing for their country. Serena Williams and the big 3 in tennis – Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, all attract large audiences everywhere they go and the Olympics is no different.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a fun little competitive thing to pass time. It’s not something you will spend hours practising.

Table tennis is easy to watch for several reasons. First, you don’t require a refresher on the rules. There is no complex mechanism for determining who wins. A ball is hit back and forth until one player is unable to complete a return shot. The first person or team to collect a certain amount of points wins.

This game is a massive hit in China and table tennis was the most watched sport in China at the 2021 games. The success of the Japanese team attracted a whole new legion of fans to table tennis, it becoming one of the most watched sports in Japan.

Water polo

Water polo is a quintessential Olympic sport. About 99 % of the people view water polo only during the Olympics.

In addition, this sport looks quite simple. Players swim around in a pool and throw a ball to teammates and then attempt to place that ball into a goal, all while trying to dodge opponents swimming after them.

Play it once, and you will indefinitely become exhausted just by watching the best players in the world. It’s as arduous a sport as you’ll find at any Olympics.


Much like gymnastics, swimming championships can get concealed by other more mainstream sports. But that’s not the case at the Olympic games.

Swimming has the second most number of events after track and field. The sport has kept its acceptance partially because of some legends in the pool. Stars like Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Mark Spitz have cemented swimming popularity over the years.

The USA has earned the most medals in swimming competitions since 1896, followed by Australia. Country rivalry is a real mix of enthusiasm too, the USA and Australia have traditionally had the best swimmers in the world.


Track and field events at any Olympics are seamless in their simplicity. In this sport, one woman or man is faster than all rivals. An individual throws an object further than his/her competitors. Sprint races are over in seconds.

The men’s 100-meter final is the best part of any Olympics. No other race competition rewards the winner with the label of “the fastest man on earth.” Usain Bolt is one such example around the world because he covered 100 meters faster than anybody before him.


While Basketball has been a sport for men since 1936, women’s basketball made its debut in the Summer Olympics in 1976. Basketball is a sport filled with great stars, particularly NBA players.

The United States, as of now, is the most successful country in Olympic basketball, with the USA men’s teams, having won 16 of 19 tournaments in which they participated. Given the NBA and Euro Leagues popularity, one can easily figure out why basketball is such a big hit every year

LeBron James, Stephen Curry and other striking players elected to stay home this time around. The Olympic basketball tournament is going to stay one of the most interesting events of the games as long as NBA players are invited to participate.


Competitive Volleyball is a part of the summer Olympics since the year 1964. And unlike other games, it was relevant for both men and women. Initially, volleyball became a part of an American sports demo event.

But today, it is one of the top 10 most popular sports in the Olympics. People love to play as well as watch it.

Wonderful athletes you don’t know to play a sport you usually don’t watch. You get to know the rules and regulations in time. You will actively be rooting for your country during the competition. By the end, you may be even searching for imminent volleyball matches on your TV schedule.

Final words

A sport is made popular by the audiences and the viewership ratings. And as we know, the viewership will only get a boost when people connect and relate with the sport and cheer for the athletes.

A few games that we might have missed out on are cycling, badminton, etc. If you love these games, leave us a comment and let us know your favorite athlete.