Football hitherto has remained to be one of the most popular games that ignited the flame of excitement among fans all over the globe. Football fans often look for the list of the top 10 football leagues in the world.  

Have you ever hovered around the thought of why Football appears to be immensely enthusiastic to the fans? The answer must be a big “Nay” or answers might vary from one individual to another. The accurate answer is exciting matches of foreign football leagues and the stellar teams that make Football to be worth-watching.

Here our experts have presented a list of the top 10 football leagues in the world based on some specific parameters. The criteria ranging from quality of the match to success on the global level are going to be illustrated to hook fans like you with this game.

The four clear criteria include competitiveness, average attendance, success on the global level and quality of performance. However, the notion of the top 10 football leagues in the world keeps fluctuating in response to such parameters.

Premier League

Believe it or not, you can never ignore the English Premier League as in the list of top 10 football leagues in the world it comes first. Originating in the year 1881, English Premier League competitiveness and star power have remained unmatched.

Stop oscillating between to be or not to be as star players hailing from English clubs, during their career have become the part of Premier League. Apart from that, you can never ignore the salary aspects that boost the individuals to play in their best form.

Your eyes will go wide when you discover the striking fact that the Premier League is telecasted in approximately 212 countries and 4.7 billion viewers consistently watch them.

La Liga

Spain comes next to the Premier League when Football is concerned, while it also has witnessed the presence of star players. Even your favourite Lionel Messi made his Football debut in 2004 and set new records in the course of his journey.

This 34-year-old footballer during his tenure in La Liga remained to be leading goalscorer. However, the departure of Ronaldo and Messi from this league has affected their popularity.

The eminence of La Liga though has failed to surpass the English Premier League and at the same time is far behind from the perspective of excellence. It might leave you spellbound that how come this league is continuing to maintain its position intact. The answer is high competitiveness and dedication to upkeep the standard of the match performance.


Nothing to get amazed of as Europe has always remained to be a breeding ground of the finest leagues. In the Top 10 Football leagues in the world, Germany’s Bundesliga is the third-best league to light up your mood with excellent intensity and outstanding performance.

If you are an avid fan of the Bundesliga, you must have knowledge about this league’s capacity of gathering passionate crowds. Moreover, the German League also takes pride in its highest average attendance and the abundant inflow of football talents have made this league secure its steady position. Unfortunately, this famous football league is lagging behind due to the poor degree of competition.

Serie A

The Italian league has ranked fourth and is also known as the “one-horse league”. In addition to that, star players like Ronaldo have boosted the visibility of the league. Be it art, literature or games, you can never beat Italy league, Serie A.

Do you know what over the years eluded the grasp of Serie A? It is the lofty title of UEFA Champions League, whereas, for the last time in 2007, AC Milan grabbed it by securing victory against Liverpool.

The Italian League never failed to leave its imprint on the global platform with intense competitiveness and fierce defensive performance. Above all, if you are willing to witness a game filled with excitement and quality performance of players, the Italian Serie A can be your right destination.

French Ligue 1

The French Football League has garnered the reputation of being an elite league and as of now Ligue 1 is in a privileged position. Infused with Typical French spirit, Ligue 1 claims the honour of all-rounder.

There is no such option of singling out an option, while you have a wide range of factors such as level of competition, star player and viewership. The sufficient financial power of the league has proved to be highly beneficial for the team to invest in the colossal footballers.

Dutch Eredivisie

As far as Football is concerned, Dutches have supremacy in it and it already possesses a rich history in Football from the perspective of clubs and players. Participation of renowned clubs in the Netherlands like Feyenoord, PSV and Ajax is conducive to making the matches of this league the feast of the eyes of Football lovers.

Brazilian Serie A

Avid fans like us cannot imagine Football without legendary teams like Brazil. When you are looking for the top 10 football leagues in the world, you must count the Brazilian league as one of the best.

Owing to its highly competitive nature, the Brazilian league boasts of its highly qualified and talented players, in possession of a brilliant spirit. In recent days, the decision of this league to let go of some talented players might lead its future of it to stake.

Portugal’s Liga NOS

Along with its stronger navy power, Portugal is known for its finest football teams and league as well. Liga NOS places all its trust in the quality of the matches instead of investing huge amounts of money in them.

Argentina League

You can never miss this name on the list if you are a football lover in its truest name. It is the Argentina League, one of the most intriguing and oldest football leagues.

This Football league has a record of memorable and star footballers like Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez and many other remarkable names.

Major League Soccer

Last but not the least, MLS of America is one of the most professional leagues, as soccer here is the only beginning. Celebrity footballers like Wayne Rooney, Ashley Coles and others have contributed quality and experience to this league.

Football is a sport of super fun owing to its straightforward nature of engaging the viewers. Acknowledging the best-known football leagues, keep cheering your favourite team and show interest in matches of these leagues to increase their viewership.

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