The last budget of India has been proved as a hope bearer for the athletes of India as it has got 3,397.53 crores more, an increase of rupees 797.23 crores in total. It is important to mention that Indian athletes are all set to take part in the Asian Games and the Paris Olympics in 2024.


The result of the increased allocation and its segments:

This amount is far more than this ministry got in the previous budget in the year 2022. In the previous budget, this ministry was able to receive only 2,673.35 crores on the gains of the allocation of 3,062.60 crores. The reason for the reduced allocation is the postponement of the Hangzhou Asian Games event. This event is supposed to be conducted this year, 2023.

The Indian government has started “Khelo India” to support the athletes. This flagship program is one of the aims of the Indian government to present the country’s athletes at the international level. This program was able to receive 1045 crore on the whole allocation of 606 crores in the previous budget as well. 

This program has been able to receive more than 439 crores than the previous year’s budget which will help this program to flourish more and to support the fresh talents of the country. This allocation is also the result of the excellent performance of the Olympics, Asian, and Commonwealth and it has shown a great potential of producing more talent for the country.

In this budget, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has seen an increment in the allocation and it has received 36.09 crores more than the previous budget and in the previous budget it has received 749.43 crores. SAI is responsible for the coaching, training, and maintenance of the athletes and it recruits its own coaches in order to train the athletes for the international level. SAI maintains its own equipment as well for this training purposes and this allocation will be highly beneficial for the athletes as well.

National sports federation (NFS) has also received an increment in the allocation and it has received more than 45 crores while in the previous budget, it managed to receive 325 crores. As NFS is responsible to conduct every sports program in the country and it is also responsible for the educational sports programs across the country, hence, this allocation will help to support the athletes more significantly. In the previous budget, NFS had received the allocation of 280 crores only.


Another major step in this budget is the separation of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) from the SAI. Now NADA will be able to get its own allocation apart from the SAI. This separation also includes the separation of the National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL). In this budget, the NADA has received 21.73 crores while NDTL has received 19.50 crores as well. It is important to mention that NASA has retired under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADL) and this separate allocation will help in elevating the whole infrastructure at the international level.

In an official statement, the sports ministry of India stated that this allocation is exactly 11% more than the budget for 2022-23 and is exactly three times more than the allocation done in 2011-12.

In terms of another segment in the whole allocation apart from Khelo India, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan has received 401.49 crores, National Service Scheme has received 325 crores in this budget as well. The Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan is an autonomous body created in 1972 to support and train athletes from rural areas. It also works for creating and supporting rural clubs and this allocation can be called a blessing for the rural young talents.

Additionally, this budget has allocated 13 crores for the National Centre of Sports Science and Research. The National Centre of Sports Science and Research has 6 universities and 6 medical colleges under it with an aim of making innovations and support for elite athletes. This allocation will be hugely beneficial for research purposes and innovations will help in staying fit for the athletes.

The impact of the increased allocation for athletes:

Sports Authority of India is the responsible body for helping Indian athletes and it not only helps by providing a platform to practice it also helps by providing it to the rising talents. However, it is important to have a large fund to ensure this process for the athletes.

This allocated fund will help the SAI to provide more specific infrastructure for the athletes as well. In this context, it is important to mention that SAI was suffering from a lack of funds in the year 2019 severely. The situation was so harsh at that time that SAI had to send SOS to the sports ministry before appearing at the 2020 Olympics. According to the report 340 crores of the fund was demanded by SAI white they only received 166 crores against of the demand which created a huge lack in the support of the athletes.


According to the report, the training of athletes for The Tokyo Olympics got interrupted in 2018-19.

In this budget, the Anti-Doping agency got separated money from the SAI and it has been separated from the same as well and this will help them to conduct more drug tests at a time which will help in strengthening the transparency of the sports as well. According to the news, currently, India is capable of conducting 6000 tests per day and this allocation will increase this capacity significantly as well.

Hope for the future:

After this budget, the veteran sports persons are incredibly happy as it will be beneficial for them. Veteran athlete and the president of the Indian Olympic Association PT Usha applauded this budgetary allocation for the sports ministry because according to her this allocation will not only help India in the Asian or Olympics, this allocation will take Idia I the leading position in the Paralympics as well. She thanked the finance minister for this support sincerely. 


One of the famous names of the arena is A. Sharath Kamal who will represent India in Asian Games and Paris Olympics in paddling and shared his happiness over this. He has stated that this is an investment for the future of the country and this will help in encouraging the youth to participate more in sports. They will see it as a career path. He has added that when a government shows a keen interest in the sports field it gets successful in attracting more sponsorship which helps in sustaining the athletes.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Kuantum Sports, Jitesh Bhoj has mentioned that one of the major issues the young Indian atlas faces is that they are being forced in practicing in substandard infrastructure which leads to injuries and many times these injuries destroys their career even in the early stage. This allocation will help them to get the right infrastructure and will save many careers as well.


In order to describe the benefits of the government’s shift to focus on sports, NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency) has published its new report. This report is showing that this year 149 new athletes will appear in the arena while this number was just 131 in 2022. It is important to mention that these 149 athletes will hail from 24 different sports disciplines and among them 60 females and 89 will be male members which is showing that the number of female sportspersons is equally increasing in the arena.

Hope bearer for the sports industry: 

Jitesh Bhoj the CEO of the Kuantum Sports which is a 360-degree sports management company has stated that the budgetary allocation will not only help the athletes but also it will help in supporting the sports management and equipment industry as well. As this allocation will help in elevating the infrastructure it will increase participation and the wholesale rate will increase.


Another rising sports venture is the RPPL, the chairman of RPPL Akhilesh Reddy has stated that as a sports venture, they are considering this allocation as a ray of bright future for the sports industry. He has added that government-sponsored programs such as “Khelo India” will encourage more start-ups in India and it will help in creating more jobs in this field. Hence, it will not only elevate the sporting field but also it will elevate the service sector.

Final words:

This blog has shown that the government location for the post ministry is highly beneficial for different sectors under this ministry and it will help in bridging mode young talents to the International level which will help in glorifying the name of the country as well. This allocation in the sports field can be called a future investment because it is not only about the athletes; there are many people who are working closely with this such as management or the companies producing the sports equipment. Therefore, it can be called the start of a bright future.