Cricket fans are buzzing with excitement as the ICC World Cup 2023 gets underway. But not every squad is in the same scenario. Although Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are scheduled to play against one another today, neither team has a chance to get to the semifinals. This indicates that compared to other teams, these two have a lower level of excitement. Still, as die-hard sports enthusiasts, we enjoy the chance to watch cricket and cast our predictions. Thus, we will forecast who will win, just like we do with other matchups. For the latest sports updates,  don’t forget to follow and

Date & Time:

The scheduled time and date of the match is November 6, 2023, at 2:00 PM local time.


Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium will host the game.

Streaming Partners:

Disney+Hotstar and Star Sports are going to be hosting the match on their platforms. The matches will also be televised on Star Sports’ regional sports networks.

Surface Report:

Bowlers and batsmen will find decent balance on the Arun Jaitley Stadium surface. At first, it gives the batters the upper hand and permits big runs. The surface tends to dry up as the game goes on, which is better for spinners. This pitch will showcase some amazing cricket talents.

Weather Report:

The temperature in Delhi will be 29 degrees at the start of the match and 21 degrees later in the evening. At 42%, the relative humidity will be high, and the wind speed will be about 5 km/h. But it’s important to note that the players are concerned because pollution in the nation’s capital has risen to “severe plus” levels. While Sri Lankan players wear masks during practice, some Bangladeshi players have skipped practices.

Head-to-Head ODI Record: Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh

53 matches in total
Bangladesh’s wins: 9
Sri Lanka wins: 42

In the four ICC World Cup meetings between these two countries, Sri Lanka has emerged victorious three times, with one match ending in a draw. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh’s final World Cup match of 2019 was called off.

Right now’s team standings:

Sri Lanka, with a run rate (NRR) of -1.162, is ranked seventh on the points table.

Bangladesh, with a run rate (NRR) of -1.446, is ranked ninth on the points table.

The result of this game won’t affect either team’s standing in the ICC World Cup 2023, as was stated at the opening of this blog.

We predict that this match will end with Sri Lanka’s winning.


Given Sri Lanka’s previous dominance over Bangladesh, we predict a victory for Sri Lanka. Make sure not to miss the match and get all of your sports news and updates from and