Believe it or not, in India, sports has occupied a special place in the mind of Indians over the decades. Don’t you think that our ideologies and opinions might divide us, but somewhat our passion for play unites us?

Keeping the sports freak in the center of business, the fantasy games online industry has witnessed exponential growth. The arrival of this form of the game in India has revolutionized the landscape of the gaming industry.

The rapid popularity of fantasy games online in India has intensified the competition through promises of winning high cash rewards. Apart from that, fantasy games online involve high stakes and add to the thrill and fun of the participants.

If you are still thinking that fantasy games are all about gambling and the wastage of money, you are in dire need of reforming this thinking. This blog is composed to make the audiences acquainted with the fantasy game trends and to let them get rewarded for their profound sports knowledge.

To bolster your reputation as a sports freak and to earn huge money at a time, you can give a try to these following five best fantasy games online.

Sprinters Games

fantasy games online

In the realm of online fantasy games, Sprinters Games is one of the major online gaming platforms owned by former first-class IPL player, Abhishek Jhunjhunwala. Here you have unlimited options to play and win. Besides, we are offering not only online cricket and football game options, but also you can earn a 5% bonus on each new sign-up.

During World Cup and other eminent tournaments, the followers of this online gaming page will be capable of taking part in quizzes to win cash prizes and the latest models of iPhone. Our Criclysis and other prediction options are there to enable users to invest their valuable money to get guaranteed cash in return in case of the right answers.

Moreover, the Sprinters Games user support team is always there to provide you with 24*7 support. In this FIFA season, don’t wait if you have treasured sports knowledge to achieve triumph.

Our end-to-end security during transactions will not leave any scope of encroaching on your privacy. Keep connected with Sprinters Games to enjoy expert sports predictions, news, and many more. 

Dream 11


Dream 11 hails you to the world of strategy-oriented sports games and allows you to relish each moment of the games. A diverse roller coaster ride is awaiting the users in this gaming site as it will allow you to form your team and secure victory against rival teams.

A fantasy sports league is one of the most intriguing aspects of this site that will undoubtedly offer you a different experience. Create your team on this platform to win points and rewards simultaneously.

My 11 Circle


My11 Circle presented by 24*7 Pvt Ltd is a prominent arena for fantasy games, especially for cricket lovers. This site has gathered appreciation and support from users by featuring former Indian cricketer, Sourav Ganguly as a brand ambassador.

Currently, this gaming app has a thriving position with more than 50 lakh users and is a great place for cricket enthusiasts to mitigate their spare time with cricket. The deft usage of animation and graphical representation will undoubtedly elevate your experience as a whole.


Zapak is also a prominent gaming site and Reliance Big Entertainment launched it in 2006. Like other fantasy games online, this too has come into the limelight and attracted a targeted base of users.

Zapak presents an extensive list of games such as cricket, football, shooting, puzzle, and others. Free gaming options are there for you to indulge in fun-filled activities.



Ballebaazi or came into existence in 2018 and launched T20 competitions and cricket tournaments to capture the heart of sports lovers. Featuring eminent cricketer, Yuvraj Singh as the face of the brand, it has made a follower base of approximately 400,000 within just a year of launch.

Healthy challenges and a competitive ambiance will hail you to participate in both free and paid matches. Cash and other exciting prizes are there to encourage you in taking part in more tournaments and building your own team.

Why do Fantasy Games Online have predominance in India?

Sports always have a special place in the hearts of Indians as we cannot imagine our life without football, cricket, kabaddi, and so on. Have you ever wondered if digitalization, especially affordable data prices, has given rise to the growth of fantasy gaming sites?

Plummeted prices of smartphones in India now give complete access to online games and to stay updated with the news of sports. Indians tend to have an obsession with the players of their country and featuring the star cricketers like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and others a craze for online games is generated.

Celebrity endorsements and a tendency among Indians to utilize their sports knowledge are serving as catalysts of the booming fantasy gaming market.