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Is Rishabh Pant going to play in the IPL 2024?

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Rishabh Pant made his debut in first-class cricket on October 22, 2015. In the 2016–17 Ranji Trophy, he achieved a notable milestone by scoring 308 runs in an innings against Maharashtra, becoming the third-youngest Indian to achieve a triple century in first-class cricket. During that period, cricket enthusiasts held high hopes for Pant’s promising future. However, tragedy struck in December 2022 when he experienced a fatal accident, casting doubt on his cricketing career. Currently, he shares workout videos, fueling speculation among fans about a potential comeback. The lingering question remains – will he don the Delhi Capitals jersey in IPL 2024? Stay updated by exploring our blog and connecting with sprintersgames.in & sprinters.news for the latest sports news.

Based on Rishabh Pant’s Instagram posts and credible sources, it has been confirmed that he will be participating in the 17th edition of the IPL with Delhi Capitals. Co-owner Parth Jindal recently announced that Pant will be the team’s captain for IPL 2024, emphasizing that he will primarily contribute as a batsman during the initial half of the season.

“Rishabh is batting. He’s running. He has started his wicketkeeping. He is likely to be fully fit for the IPL,” Parth Jindal said.

“I am expecting Rishabh to play IPL and he will lead from match one. First seven games we are going to play him only as a batter and depending on how his body reacts, we will take a call for the rest of the IPL,” he added.

Delhi Capitals’ co-owner, Parth Jindal, has confirmed that Rishabh Pant will kick off his role as captain in IPL 2024. However, Jindal mentioned that Pant will not be taking up wicketkeeping duties in the initial part of the season. Additionally, he expressed optimism about the fitness of South African fast bowler Anrich Nortje, anticipating his availability for the team’s first match against Punjab Kings on March 23.

Having endured a prolonged injury, particularly concerning his knee, it’s evident that his batting style and performance level are likely to be affected. Regarding this matter, former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar says “maybe he won’t be the usual”.

“Knee plays a pivotal role in batting as well as ‘keeping, which of course he may not do initially. Maybe he won’t be the usual Rishabh Pant that we are used to seeing,” said Gavaskar on a show on Star Sports.

“I’m also a big fan of him. For me, the most important thing is he should be healthy like before so that he can come and entertain us. It will be very difficult for him, and it will take some time for him to get that batting fluency. But good that he has started training.”

Numerous fans are inquiring whether Rishabh Pant will resume his role as the captain of Delhi Capitals. Many supporters are urging the team management to reinstate him as the captain. Confirming these speculations, Delhi Capitals co-owner Parth Jindal has stated that, rather than David Warner, Pant will take charge of leading the team this year. . In an interview with ESPN Cricinfo, Jindal said that Pant will lead ‘from day one.’

Nevertheless, the seasoned cricketer and ex-India captain, Sunil Gavaskar, holds a distinct viewpoint on this matter. In his opinion, Rishabh Pant assumes captaincy responsibilities only when he is in optimal health. Engaging in multiple roles simultaneously may not be beneficial and could potentially result in a setback.

“He certainly has the ability to think on his feet. If he gets back to full fitness, the reins of (Delhi Capitals) captaincy should be handed over to him. Let’s stay hopeful. This season is first of him coming back to full fitness. Let’s not rush him into doing something that there will be a setback,” Gavaskar added.

In February, head coach Ricky Ponting affirmed that Rishabh Pant was eager to join and contribute to the Delhi Capitals team in IPL 2024, sparking fans’ inquiries for more information.

Rishabh Pant: a true warrior

As mentioned earlier, Rishabh Pant faced a severe car accident in December 2022, with little hope for recovery. On February 10, 2023, Pant shared a photo on Instagram, marking his initial steps with crutch assistance. Within a month, he exhibited gradual improvement, eventually walking without crutches by May 2023. In June, Pant showcased his resilient spirit by effortlessly climbing stairs. By July, he commenced training at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru, persistently advancing in his recovery journey. With remarkable progress, Pant successfully resumed running without impediments and began honing his wicket-keeping and batting skills in 2024.

Once more, Rishabh Pant astonished his fans on February 27. During this session, he delved into a more rigorous workout, incorporating heavy lifting and strength training, all without any assistance. His hand movements and lifts appeared noticeably smoother than before. Notably, in his latest exercise video, Pant was spotted donning an elevation training mask, a distinctive addition aimed at simulating the benefits of altitude training.

What is Delhi Capitals’ schedule for IPL 2024?

DC’s inaugural match is scheduled against Punjab Kings on March 23 in Mohali. Following that, their second match takes place against Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur on March 28. The third encounter is set against Chennai Super Kings in Vizag on March 31, with the subsequent match also happening in Vizag against Kolkata Knight Riders on April 3. Concluding the phase 1 fixtures, DC faces Mumbai Indians on April 7 in Mumbai.

Final words:

Rishabh Pant is staging a comeback with resilience, poised to lead the team once more, as stated by the co-owner. The verdict on whether it’s a prudent decision remains uncertain. As ardent sports enthusiasts, we eagerly anticipate witnessing his return to the field. Keep abreast of timely sports updates by staying connected with sprintersgames.in & sprinters.news.

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