In IPL, making runs swiftly holds utmost importance. When you have got only 20 overs to play and some of the world’s advanced bowlers bowl at you in a high-stakes match, you ought to give everything you have to keep the run rate high.

This skill is mainly needed at the time of death overs when the team is looking to score fast runs. These big hitters play a significant role in the campaign of all the teams in each IPL season.

It’s not so easy to score at a strike rate of over 140 across several matches. However, hard hitters can do so over the course of long careers. A handful of players even manage to score in an even more productive way and these players go down in the archives of IPL.

In this article, we shall take a look at 5 players with the best strike rate in the Indian Premier League till now.

Andre Russell – Highest Strike Rate So far

Andre Russell (Kolkata Knight Riders) has played 81 matches in the cash-rich IPL league so far! The terrific Jamaican player has put tremendous effort to pull off some of the biggest heists the IPL has seen with his awesome batting abilities.

After a superb 2019, he averaged a shocking 56.66 at a strike rate of 204.81 – the highest strike rate in IPL all season. Although, Russell had a weak jaunt in 2020.

However, he was decent in 2021 and has gone off to a flying start this season. Over the course of 70 innings, Russell has scored 1,700 runs at an average of 29.31, with an impressive strike rate standing at an overwhelming 178.57. He has 9 half-centuries to his name with a high score of 88 not out in the IPL.
He has also won games for KKR on his own in quite difficult matches. Given his ballistic record, he is surely a nightmare for even some of the best bowlers out there!

Sunil Narine – Ruthless Fighter

Made his debut in the IPL as a spinner and then became the most reliable opener and power hitter in his team.

While Sunil has served for different teams in IPL, it was KKR that made Naraine their opener and then he began striking some great hits with his bat. Yes. Sunil Narine displayed his batting skills at top of the order for KKR!

If someone told you prior to 2017 that Sunil Narine will someday become the player with one of the highest strike rates in IPL, you would probably laugh it away.

Narine has come out as a shining hitter over the last few seasons, trailing up from being a tail ender to opening as a hitter for the KKR. While he’s not that consistent, he surely comes up as a brutal and aggressive player. In addition, he’s a bowling all-rounder. Hence, he has become an A+ performer, with both, the bat and the ball.

After a magnificent 3 seasons of decent batting, Narine’s batting, unfortunately, has been slowly weakening. Yet, he has made 954 runs over 76 innings at an average of 15.63 and a forceful strike rate of 161.69.

Virendra Sehwag – An Early Star in the Initial IPL days

Former Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings player Virender Sehwag comes up as the third name on our list.

The most experienced player on this list, Sehwag was one of the few players in the 2000s Indian team who was already ready for T20s even before the layout even existed.

Sehwag had a strike rate of 155.44 and played 104 innings to score 2,728 runs at 27.55.

A vivid right-hander with awesome stroke play, Sehwag was the perfect choice for the Delhi Daredevils between 2008 and 2013.

He nonstop showed his talent after shifting gears to Punjab Kings. He might not be the best hitter out there, but he did end his career with just the top-most strike rate in IPL at the time.

With just a short final season in 2015, Sehwag dangled his gloves and said goodbye. While he never lifted an IPL trophy, he is still cherished as one of the paramount players of this game.

Chris Morris – The most Expensive Super Champ

Known for bowling skills, South African all-rounder Chris Morris lies at the fourth spot on our list.

Morris did remarkably well for Rajasthan Royals in the first half of IPL 2021. He has also played for Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings in the past.

Before he was purchased for the most expensive price in the history of the IPL, Chris Morris was awesome with his batting ability. Between 2015 and 2018, he was in outstanding form regardless of playing few matches only.

Although, since 2019, it seems Chris has lost touch with his batting magic. He continues to be good at balling, yet he’s not as productive as his companions.
He has achieved 2 half-centuries in the league with a high score of 82. He scored 618 runs in 51 innings at a strike rate of 155.27.

Nicholas Pooran – Highest Strike Rate Wicket Keeper

Nicholas Pooran is known to be among the spotless hitters of the ball right now. He is at the fifth position in terms of strike rate in IPL.

He impressed everyone with his feats in IPL 2020 where he played for the Punjab team.
Nicholas is the only wicket-keeper to be ranked on this list. He is also the one with the shortest career.

After being bought for an excessive price, Pooran ended up being around a tumorous 7.72 over 12 matches at a sad strike rate of 111.84. Yet, he remains a highly influential cricketer who can really change the tide of the match.

The Trinidadian player did have several great seasons to his name. He has bounced back from his failures last year and is doing well in what seems to be a mature and fruitful season.

Pooran has played 31 matches in the IPL and has scored 606 runs at 22.44, having one of the best batting strike rates with his 154.98.


Scoring runs quickly is a critical objective for a batsman in the shortest format, namely IPL. Every team requires a batsman, who does not need much time to settle at the crease and can hit great shorts, especially when the needed run-rate is too high.
These were your top 5 players with highest strike rate in IPL as of now. Let’s see whether this season of IPL will offer any streak breaker or not!