The modern sports industry in the era of smartphones and advanced technologies has witnessed exponential growth as online fantasy games are the latest trend. In this FIFA season, are you still confined to watching back-to-back matches? If the answer is “Yes ‘ then you should definitely give a try to online football predictions.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are set to revolutionise the gaming experience by taking you to the world of games. However, in the case of football predictions, you need not necessarily delve entirely into the world of sports; instead, you can place your trust in online websites to analyse the statistics.

Often people choose to stay away from fantasy games online by tagging them as mere betting activities. Making football or cricket predictions on online platforms is more skill and knowledge than gambling and investing money.

Hovering over the statistics is neither an option nor is it profitable for you. Our team of experts through this blog is going to impart valuable knowledge regarding football predictions to turn your journey from losing to substantial gains.

Information used in making football predictions

Our panel of experienced analysts instead of rambling or hooking the target audience with mere allures, review the following factors for making sacrosanct football predictions.

  • Players incurred injuries during the match-

In football predictions, the news of grave injury is likely to endanger the position of a team as it looks forward to a worthy replacement. You must have kept an eye on the recent FIFA match Brazil Vs Switzerland as it was the glaring witness to the impact of an injury.

Neymar’s fatal injury on the ligament of the right ankle gave rise to budding rumours regarding the anticipated defeat of team Brazil. In addition to that, Brazilian brilliance has its sway over the Swiss as the strategic team efforts of Casemiro and Rodrygo glided the goal smoothly to baffle the Swiss.

Unexpected game-changing moments can occur anytime and even the collective effort and strategic mechanism can incite bizarrely. There is a big “No-No” if you are anticipating the football outcomes based on injury news of the players.

  • Previous records in the international games-

There is a popular saying, “Never apologise for trusting your intuition”. In football and other match predictions, you can never go wrong if you are deriving your intuition from the previous matches of your favourite teams.

In FIFA matches, our experts trust their gut instincts after reviewing the performance records of the teams in recent and previous years. Expert analysts in our team are continuing to visit the sports statistics sites to yield genuine outcomes and decrease the likelihood of losing.

  • Strength of defence-

If you are a football freak or aimlessly gathering insights, you have ample scope of trying your luck in football match anticipation. A team’s attacking strength, defence line and scoreline are significant parameters you should take into account during making forecasts.

  • Weather conditions-

Extreme weather conditions either too humid or too cold can have little chance of scoring goals. Most online prediction game sites seek to derive weather information from professional meteorologists.

Best football prediction sites in the world

Sports prediction in conjunction with betting is quite challenging as a lot of mastery is required to navigate the hostile stream. Here we have listed down the best football forecasting sites for your convenience to make anticipations accordingly.

Sprinters Games

This site has emerged as a new favourite and India’s biggest online gaming platform with online football and cricket updates. Our panel of analysts are there for unique football predictions, in-depth insights, score analysis and match predictions.

Football Predictions in fantasy games Online

In Sprinters Games, we offer the latest information related to injured players and the best performance news of the players. Such information and news materials can be your absolute saviours in making wise predictions.


Forebet is one of the most visited sites in the browser and it has an extensive range of football data. Grounding authentic data and predictions, you can effortlessly make safe bets without struggling.

Football Predictions in fantasy games Online

In Forebet, the algorithmic mechanism plays a pivotal part in generating statistics, while you can reach the page of match statistics as soon as you click on the link. In between matches, you can find the live score and happenings here on this site.


Football Predictions in fantasy games Online

If you are looking for an authentic global match prediction site, PredictZ can be your one-stop destination as you can find here football tips to football news all at a time. Moreover, matters not from which team you belong of support, scoreline and performance of both teams in a minute manner you can obtain.

Win Draw Win

In the context of free football advice and betting tips, Win Draw Win appears to be a haven for football lovers. From champion leagues to international football leagues, this site covers it all for your in-depth understanding.