The end of the FIFA finale is just the beginning as many more to come in the way of team Argentina and others. The eyes from the opening day of FIFA were glued to the match as fans like us expected their favourite teams to grab the golden trophy. If you are a true fan of football, you wouldn’t be able to consider the FIFA Cup as a mere trophy, but it is a repressed desire of millions of fans.

For ages, the FIFA World Cup has appeared to be a place of unexpected twists and turns as you never know which team in the last minute would change the course of the game. Agree with us or not, you must have undergone the intense tension and adrenaline rush from the morning.

A month of geopolitical tension and an elevated degree of controversy came to end during the face-off between France and Argentina. After 36 years of drought, Argentina’s strategic moves and brilliant teamwork brought a casket full of happiness to its fans worldwide. It is no wonder that from Buenos Aires to almost the entire globe erupted in immense joy and cheers.

Giant screens with blue and white flags were reflecting the ceaseless Argentinian spirit and ignited the flame within the players to achieve triumph in every possible manner. However, the budding controversies shattered when Argentina stars refused to cow down in front of French invincibility.

In Qatar stadium, Argentina began the match 2-0 against France and in the most dramatic turn, France suddenly secured two goals. To be honest, at this dramatic moment the hardcore fans of Argentina gave up all their hopes and at the same time, it was a moment of pure elation for French fans.

The fighting spirit of Messi and Maria weighed heavily on France, although MBappe came to the rescue single-handedly. Whether you are a fan of France or not, you cannot deny the toughest fight that MBappe kept intact until the end of the match.

The players of FIFA 2022 deserve honour in the truest sense

Undoubtedly, the saying ” Teamwork makes a dream work” is absolutely true when it comes to Football and other sports. Apart from that, both Argentina and France teams have rediscovered their players in a new light and some of them delivered their best.

Our expert team has listed below the name and contributions of the FIFA 2022 finale best players.

Lionel Messi-

Crossing their fingers, fans of Argentina prayed for the best performance of Messi in the final and awaited for the tireless smile to steal the hearts of millions. From the beginning, Argentina was ahead by surpassing France, although it started to lose spirit as France scored 2 goals.

Messi strategically rejuvenated the spirit of his own and his teammates to restore the lead on behalf of Argentina in the final 108th minute. Moreover, the heart-wrenching game bestowed showers of happiness and glory on Messi who is honoured with the Golden Ball just after Diego Maradona.

Even the fans must have for once fantasized about Messi’s ethereal meeting beyond the boundaries of the earthly world with the legend, Maradona. 

Kylian Mbappe-

The best things have no barriers and it is true in the case of the best player in a match. Whether you nod your head or not, Mbappe’s courageous goals and dribbles at least for a certain time left his Paris Saint-Germain co-player, Messi spell-bound. Lastly, the penalties intensified the competition and outpaced France.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Messi or not, you can never deny that the FIFA finale couldn’t have become scintillating without Mbappe. This young player of France kept his zest for life upward to upkeep the spirit of his teammates.

He was also awarded the Golden Boot award after his hat trick in the final. Never mind, the fans of Mbappe might have been gearing up for spotting this football star in the next WC 2026.

Angel Di Maria-

Angel Di Maria has always remained to be a gem of team Argentina in possession of the highest potential. After 36 years, Argentina’s claim on FIFA World Cup 2022 is also a contribution of Maria and his scoring of a goal anchored the ship towards triumph. Di Maria’s best performance in the final also makes him one to claim recognition.

Emiliano Martinez-

Despite their mastery of Messi, Martinez has directed all his efforts to bring momentum in the final game. His timely safeguarding of the two penalties became a competitive edge for Messi to cast a magical spell.

Martinez’s spirit was unparalleled and it ascended him to the title of Best Goal-Keeper of FIFA. The award of Golden Gloves has added feathers to his crown and made him remarkable forever in the history of football.

Football fans’ ecstasy ended as the FIFA season was over and their favourite football stars were on their way home. This year from the opening of the match, we have witnessed the departure of our favourite football stars like Ronaldo, Neymar and others in tears.

Brazil’s exit seemed to us heartrending as almost all of us gave up hope of a thrilling match in the finale. In the meantime, Argentina’s final qualification offered the fandoms a sigh of relief, if not Brazil, then at least Argentina might do the wonder. Now it’s high time to keep waiting for Copa America to unfold a new array of thrills.