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Cristiano Ronaldo’s obscene gesture towards fans

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Cristiano Ronaldo faces a significant setback as he has been handed a match ban and fined for making an obscene gesture towards fans. The Disciplinary and Ethics Committee of the Saudi Arabia Football Federation has imposed a fine of 20,000 Saudi riyals. For further details on this development, stay updated by visiting sprintersgames.in for all your sports news needs.

The incident occurred during the Al Nassr vs Al Shabab match, which saw Al Nassr emerge victorious with a scoreline of 3-2. Cristiano Ronaldo played a pivotal role in securing the win for his team by scoring in the 21st minute. However, the atmosphere turned sour when some fans began chanting the name of Ronaldo’s longstanding rival, Lionel Messi. In response to the chants, Ronaldo reacted by covering his ear and gesturing with his hand near his pelvis.

Ronaldo’s recent gesture isn’t the first time he’s sparked controversy with such actions. Last year, after a loss to Al-Hilal, he drew criticism for reacting to opposing fans waving Messi shirts. In a video circulated on social media, he was seen putting his hand in his genital area and pulling upwards in response.

Even in recent times, the Al Nassr captain’s rapport with Saudi supporters has been strained. Following their defeat in the Riyadh Season Cup final, the Portuguese star was returning to the tunnel when an Al-Hilal shirt was hurled at him, drawing negative headlines.

Prior to these incidents, tensions rose back in late 2022 when Ronaldo openly discussed his relocation to the Middle East, even hinting that football in the region boasted “higher quality” compared to numerous European leagues.

We wish to announce that Ronaldo has agreed to a three-and-a-half-year contract with Al Nassr. Reports indicate that this deal enables him to earn $200 million annually, thereby making him the highest-paid athlete.

Controversies & Ronaldo:

Ronaldo has been consistently associated with controversy throughout his career. Here are several instances of controversies involving him thus far.

A 20-year-old woman alleged to be the biological mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., claiming she had a one-night encounter with Ronaldo and bore his child. She further demanded £10 million in exchange for relinquishing custody of the child.

Questioning The Standard of His Real Madrid Teammates on 27th February 2016: This world-famous Athlete said, “If the whole team were at my level, we’d be first’’. Now, this is a bit rude and hurtful to other team members, and that’s why the controversy took place.

Following a swift defeat, the renowned athlete stirred controversy by celebrating his 30th birthday, a move that left many fans discontented.

Expressing his frustration, Ronaldo openly criticized Iceland’s celebrations after Portugal’s defeat to the smaller team during Euro 2016, sparking a heated debate.

In conclusion, while we do not condone the behavior of the fans, it’s important to recognize Ronaldo and Messi as legends of the sport. Witnessing their battles against each other has been a privilege. Fans need to show respect and understand boundaries. Nonetheless, Ronaldo’s gesture was also regrettable. Stay updated with sprintersgames.in for timely sports news.

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