Yes, we really are passionate fans. But attacking the supporters of the rival team! No, it is absolutely not acceptable. This occurred during the most recent Argentina vs. Brazil game. Let us remind you to stay connected with us before moving on to the narrative. For up-to-date sports news, visit and

Argentina and Brazil were competing in a FIFA World Cup qualifying match at the storied Maracanã stadium. On the other hand, there was a furious dispute between the supporters of Brazil and Argentina. The contentious debate eventually descended into a brawl. The Argentina supporters were spotted being violently beaten by the Brazilians. When the cops launched their lathi charge, the fight turned violent.

The Argentina supporters were also being beaten by the cops. Clearly, this did not sit well with Argentina’s team lead by Lionel Messi. So, how can you perform when you witness your supporters being physically assaulted?

Argentina’s players stood behind their supporters. It was observed that Emiliano Martinez was attempting to pull the baton from the hand of a riot police officer. Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina, led his squad out of the commotion in the stands and back into the dressing room. For this match, there was a 30-minute delay in kickoff.

Before the game was scheduled to start, sources state that violent incidents broke out during the national anthems. But the eight-time Ballon Dior winner made sure his squad won. Brazil was beaten 1-0 by Argentina.

It is significant to note that Joelinton was given a red card for yelling at Rodrigo De Paul shortly after the game began, cutting the Brazilian squad down to 10 players. The outcome extended Brazil’s losing streak to three games and was the country’s first World Cup qualification loss.

We understand the feelings supporters have for their teams. But this type of behaviour is just unacceptable.