The cricket craze in India has always remained unmatched in comparison to other games and the best woman cricketers in India are like an inspiration for the generations to come. In the age of women empowerment, consciously or unconsciously a great share of the population glorifies only the achievements of male cricket in India.

In India, once upon a time, only men were considered to be eligible for taking part in sports like football and cricket. The woman cricketers of this age have falsified the notion through their unparalleled performance.

With growing consciousness, the Indian Government and BCCI have acknowledged the contribution of the best woman cricketers in enriching this sport as a whole. Here we have come up with a brief list of the best woman cricketers in India in possession of extraordinary potential to reign in the sports domain like a pro.

Our panel of sports analysts has ramped up their efforts not only to recognize the top female cricketers of India but rather to delve deep into their careers and achievements as of now.

Mithali Raj

Whether you are a cricket fan or not, you might have at least once heard or encountered the name Mithali Raj in newspapers or in digital media. In Indian women’s cricket, the position of Raj is no less than that of the legends as she is one of the gifted talents who played over 300 matches.

In her prestigious career, she has almost scored 10,000 runs and is upholding the noble duty of captaincy of the Indian female cricket team. If you are dreaming of establishing yourself as a dedicated sportswoman, Mithali Raj can be one to idolize and derive inspiration for securing success in the future.

Raj made her first debut in 1999 when she was in the intense years of life, almost 16 years. Moreover, prior to her international debut, she started practicing at the age of 10 years. Announcing her retirement in 2018 from Test Cricket, she continued to take part in limited-overs domestic matches. However, in 2022, she finally declared   

Shikha Pandey

In the domain of Indian International Cricket, Shikha Pandey continues to play as a right-arm medium-fast bowler. We often keep blaming our fates for the obstacles we encounter and they hinder the smooth growth in our careers. Pandey has shattered such biased notions as her passion for cricket never affected her academic excellence.

Despite her outstanding performance in the field, Shikha has left no stone unturned to serve the nation as an Indian Air Force officer. Have you ever wondered about how this woman strikes a fine balance between Air Force job duty and Cricket? The answer is “determination” and “dedication” which escalated her to supremacy.

In the year of 2014, Shikha Pandey made her entry into the sphere of Cricket through her international debut. This journey continued further as she achieved momentum through participation in 55 ODIs and 56 T20 Internationals.

Veda Krishnamurthy

Indian Cricketer, Veda Krishnamurthy is another woman cricketer in possession of the unparalleled capacity of playing cricket from the age of 11. Her zest for sports especially for cricket has made her the lucky one to get selected for the Under 19 cricket team in the year 2009.

In the year 2010-11, Krishnamurthy embarked on the journey of senior debut and scored centuries in 2012-13. Veda was the third cricketer hailing from team India to take part in Women’s Big Bash. However, her last match was against Australia in the ICC T20 WC final, although she has not officially announced her retirement.

As per sources, it was solely the decision of the BCCI to include the name of Veda in the list of players with whom contracts are already signed. This drastic decision of the BCCI has put their career of Veda in jeopardy.

Anjum Chopra

If you are wondering about the best woman cricketer in team India, you cannot actually deny Anjum Chopra. The best woman cricketers in India for a long period of time remained to be myths as the men’s cricket team won much popularity in comparison to the women’s team.

Over time, women cricketers have come into prominence and aced the sphere with a devoted fan base. Chopra emerged in the sphere of Cricket and consequently played 12 Test Matches, while she has grabbed the position of being the first woman cricketer hailing from team India to play 100 ODIs consequently.

In 2005, the match against Sri Lanka became her outlet for hitting the final milestone in her sports career which was to score a maiden century. Lastly, her retirement from international cricket in 2012 had not put an end to her cricket career as she consistently worked as a cricket analyst and television and television commentator.

Smriti Mandhana

In the hierarchy of best woman cricketers in India, Smriti Mandhana has ranked fifth, just after Anjum Chopra, and garnered fame as a left-handed batsman. One can effortlessly recognize her in the matches only visualizing an aggressive style of batting and capability of scoring runs in no time.

Mandhana’s first-class debut was in 2013 and in the next year i. e., 2014, she was crowned with the honor of “Best Woman Cricketer of the year” by the BCCI. This honor undoubtedly has added new feathers to the cap of Mandhana and empowered her to deliver the best performance on both domestic and international levels.

Shubhangi Kulkarni

In women’s cricket, you can never miss the name of Shubhangi Kulkarni as her leadership and influence on the women’s cricket team have put the women’s cricket team under the limelight. She was simultaneously a leg spinner and batwoman and occupied a unique position throughout her career.

Besides having a record of playing 27 ODIs and 5 international tours, Kulkarni 1991 after her retirement continued to play the role of administrator. Kulkarni mitigated the duties of secretary of WCAI, while WCAI got integrated with BCCI in 2006.

Neetu David

Like that men’s cricket, the Indian women’s cricket team has also witnessed the arrival of all-rounders, in possession of a brilliant fusion of batting and bowling. Neetu David’s name is also listed in the domain of best woman cricketers in India as her skill of right-handed batting and left-arm bowling aided her to ascend to that position.

Making her debut in 1995, David’s final test match was in 2006 and her record of being the first Indian women’s bowler to take 100 wickets in an ODI strengthened the position as a whole.

Jhulan Goswami

Although here our hunt is all about the best woman cricketers in India, we cannot afford to miss the best female cricketers of all time. Jhulan Goswami, the versatile genius in cricket is a useful batwoman, and bowling pace and spin are remarkable as of now.

Her 300 international wickets and fastest bowling record have aided her to become a valuable member of the women ‘s Cricket team. Indian Government also recognized her worth and contribution to Indian sports and honored her with Padma Shri in 2012.

The imprints of these female cricketers have not only escalated the status of women’s cricket but rather paved the path for young girls to pursue cricket as a career option if they have that zest for it. Moreover, the achievements and international competitions are day by day proving that female cricketers are invincible and unsurpassable.

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