On Wednesday, Australia Test skipper Pat Cummins finally broke his silence on the much-talked-about Justin Langer’s resignation that has rocked Aussie cricket. Cummins said the team needed ‘a new coaching style’ heading into the future, and he decided to back his players and support them.

Notably, Langer had stepped down from the role of Australian men’s cricket team head coach earlier this month after he was offered a short-term contract. However, post Langer’s exit, many former Australian cricketers had come out in the open to slam the Cricket Australia (CA) and Cummins along with other players for not allowing Langer to continue further.

Cummins said that Langer’s coaching style had been ‘intense’, and the latter has apologized to players for his intensity. The pacer added that his teammates had no problem with Langer’s coaching style, but they needed a change, and he would do whatever it takes to be a support for his colleagues.

“Justin has acknowledged his style was intense, he has apologized to players and staff for his intensity, and I think the apology was unnecessary because the players were okay with JL’s intensity. His intensity was not the issue for the players and support staff,” said Cummins in an official statement.

“The question is: what is the best style of coaching for the future, given how the team has evolved? We have been very well-schooled in how to play cricket in the right way – in the correct Australian way. We understand the importance of always playing to the highest ethical standards. And the players need no motivation as I’ve never played with more motivated cricketers. To be better players for Australia, from this solid foundation, we need a new style of coaching and skill set. This was the feedback the players gave to Cricket Australia. And it’s the feedback I understand support staff also gave. CA has made a brave call to transition, given the team has been winning. I take this responsibility seriously. I live and breathe it. We also have a duty to our mates,” he added.

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