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  • A) Go to your candidate account, click on Send an application and choose the traineeship type to access the application form.
  • You are welcome to let your proposed host know if your application was recommended following peer review.
  • Fulbright Scholar Awards comprise the bulk of awards offered and include opportunities for professionals, artists, and scholars at all career levels.
  • Be sure to visit the Higher Education Administrators and Executives opportunities as well as the U.S.
  • A developer can write web applications in several languages, including JavaScript, CSS and HTML, but they cannot access the hardware on which the application is installed.
  • Please read the application guidelines (for the IEA awards, please consult the IEA application guidelines) before beginning your application.

Applicants are notified by email whether or not their application has been recommended for further consideration in the host country. Please let IIEknow if your email address changed since you submitted your application. IIE reviews applications for program eligibility and technical completeness. Applicants will be notified if any required application component is missing, and asked to provide additional documentation as needed. Only complete applications will be forwarded to the peer reviewers.

Your future starts here

Institutional affiliation in the United States is not required. Distinguished Scholar awards are viewed as the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program. Awards are open to scholars who have more than seven years of experience in their discipline or area of expertise, though some awards may further restrict eligibility. Distinguished Scholars are expected to actively engage host institutions in a spirit of promoting mutual understanding and sharing knowledge. The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program offers over 400 awards in more than 135 countries for U.S. citizens to teach, conduct research and carry out professional projects around the world.

“The application and interview process was very enlightening and thought-provoking.”

If your discipline or specialization does not appear, check this indexed, searchable list containing all of the disciplines and specializations available in the application. Applicants must hold U.S. citizenship at the time of application. Many awards allow participants to conduct both research and teaching as defined above. Some awards will indicate the percentage that should be devoted to teaching compared to research while other awards allow the candidates to select their own percentage breakdown. Explore opportunities for U.S. citizens to go abroad with the Fulbright Scholar Program. With more than 800 awards annually to 135+ countries, find the right Fulbright for you.

Canada and United States

An application should be about the candidate, how the award period will be spent, and what outcomes can be reasonably expected. What is successful for one applicant may not be effective for another applicant. The responsible program officer is a good point of contact for discussions of how to shape a competitive application.