All of us consume minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that assist our body to keep running at full
capacity. If chosen properly, these foods can enable you to have more energy, boost your performance,
improve your concentration and accelerate muscle recovery.

It is therefore important to closely monitor what is happening on the plate. Here are 10 key foods to boost your athletic performance.

Sports nutrition is not a topic that must be taught in school, but a set of right food consumption guidelines that must be followed strictly.

Don’t worry, we won’t let you wander the internet looking for the best food items to consume.

Top 20 Healthy and nutritious Foods for Athletes

We have provided a list of 20 healthy and nutritious foods that can aid you to achieve accomplishing athletic performance.


For breakfast, you can pick a large bowl of oatmeal mix with a vegetable drink to enhance your
Considering that every 100 grams of oatmeal consist of 11 g of proteins, 60 g of glucids and 8 g of
lipids, having this cereal as your everyday breakfast can be a useful gesture for your health and
sporting performance.


Eggs are one of the most cherished food items for athletes. They are a protein-infused pre or post-
workout fuel. To reap the maximum benefits from eggs, consume the yolks which comprise significant amounts of zinc, protein, choline and vitamins A and D. Only one egg can fulfil about 10 percent of your daily protein needs.


Spinach is extremely effective in enhancing sporting performance. Not only this green vegetable is
91% water, but it’s rich in iron too. And more iron indicates more oxygen being delivered to working


When it comes to fuelling activity, it’s not just the caloric density in almonds that plays a role. A useful
mix of healthy unsaturated fat, carbohydrates and protein, but also in the antioxidant vitamin E content.


For many, bananas are the best fuel for the workout schedules of athletes. A convenient food, bananas
are naturally sweet, carbohydrate-rich and packed with B6 (1/4 of the daily requirement in one serving). Enjoy a small-sized fruit pre or post-workout to refill your energy levels.


Daily intake of raisins provides 75 g of carbohydrates per 100 g. Eating raisins improves sports
performance by providing carbohydrates.

Very popular with sports devotees, raisins are proven to give an athletic boost. Hence, don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures according to your desires.


Garlic can be a wonderful addition post-workout to calm inflammation and support gut health for
athletes. You can add it to your salad dressings or serve it with dinner as a crucial part of your sports-
replacement regimen.


Due to its anti-inflammatory and gut-comforting properties, ginger can be a great health booster for
athletes. Add them in both savoury and sweet dishes as well as in sauces to get delightful flavour along with health benefits.

Hemp seeds

These seeds are a great inflammation soother for your body, as they contain essential anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids body. Athletes must get a dependable source of vital fatty acids for better performance and inflammation help.


Dates slowly release glucose in your blood to power a workout. They are rich in natural sugar and fibre. Moreover, they contain a good amount of potassium to prevent muscle cramps.


For an athlete, consuming honey is fine since carbohydrates can burn swiftly during an endurance event. To replenish them, honey can be a good and natural source of energy. Add honey to your cereals, oats and granola to fuel your game.


In addition to fibre and natural carbohydrates to maintain the performance of the muscles, kiwis comprise antioxidant vitamin C and vital electrolyte mineral potassium. Green kiwi fruit is a perfect snack to have pre-or post-workout.


Millet can be used in a multitude of recipes such as porridge, salads, fritters, gratin etc. A gluten-free grain, it provides complex carbohydrates for long-burning energy. Plus, it includes vitamins (b vitamins) and minerals (magnesium) that athletes need the most.


This sugary bite-sized fruit is rich in heart-healthy polyphenols swift energy and provides quick-acting energy. For long workout sessions, pack some grapes in your tiffin and snack on them while you burn out those extra calories!


This fruit not only acts as a quick-acting fuel, but it’s also iron and calcium-rich, both of them crucial to keep athletes strong for life.


The Omega 3-rich salmon and all other fatty fish enhance neuromuscular function and lessen
lethargy, which in turn gives a boost to your sporting performance. It also has a health advantage in averting cardiovascular disease and improving brain development.


Add canned pumpkin to your juices, smoothies and oatmeal to gain vital antioxidants for sports such
as vitamins A and C.

One more benefit of pumpkin is its gut-soothing pectin content. Another benefit of pumpkin is its gut- soothing pectin content. This helps in constipation and diarrhoea so you don’t need to worry about the GI during your workout.


Whole-grain quinoa is an optimal slow-burning fuel for athletes. Filled with minerals, vitamins antioxidants and several members of the vitamin E/tocopherol family, it not only offers complex carbs but also those nutrients are known to provide ideal training conditions for athletes.

One can consume quinoa as a side dish or a snack mixed with other performance-boosting food items
mentioned in this article. ​

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A, C and E and are also an excellent source of B-vitamins. Plus, they are packed in manganese, phosphorus and copper to support the body when it’s working hard.

Make sweet potatoes as a base for all sorts of protein-infused, antioxidant-rich toppings to energize


Soy foods such as tofu are significant protein sources for athletes. Athletes who work out require protein to build muscles and support a healthy immune system. They can offer amino acids that can help to give optimal performance.